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Neneh has been an important part of our team for several years. Her strong skills in website development, e-commerce integration, and social media advertising have been crucial in helping us at Mazo achieve our goals. She is a skilled and constructive freelancer who contributes valuable and well-founded inputs to our cross-functional projects.

- Magnus Stephensen - CEO

Navigating the digital reality can be challenging. When accustomed to operating in the physical realm, Cyberspace can feel as distant as life on Mars. Neneh excels at bridging these concepts to everyday understanding.

She communicates in a simple and clear manner, making complex topics accessible. Her approach to marketing and optimizing digital tools is highly practical and tangible. Neneh inspires trust; one feels secure in her management of digital marketing efforts.

- Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer - Founder and Creative Director

I have had the pleasure of working with Neneh; she is a reliable collaborator and receives my highest recommendations.

Kim Lærkesen - CEO

We have the pleasure of collaborating with Neneh, a collaboration that we greatly value. Her skills are top-notch, and she delivers much more than promised.

With Neneh's help, we have been able to take our business to a professional level, encompassing everything from social media advertising, website design and development, to strategic consultation and idea development for our business itself.

Neneh has been of immense value to us, and we will continue our collaboration with her for as long as possible.

- Jesper Kvols, co-owner and CEO of BOSUS

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