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Neneh Noell Media

Neneh Noell Østergaard

I specialise in marketing through paid advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, as well as website development. These two areas complement each other perfectly: Paid advertising drives traffic to your website, and when potential customers visit your site, it's crucial that your products and services are presented optimally, and that the website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Neneh Noell Østergaard



Since March 2021, I have been a key member of Mazo. My primary tasks have included advertising on Instagram and Pinterest, along with website development and maintenance, organic social media management, and general strategic consultation.


Using targeted strategies, we have increased Mazo's visibility and engagement on social media, resulting in a significant increase in both traffic and conversions.

By experimenting with different ads and target audiences, I have identified the most effective combinations, improving the overall success rate of our campaigns.

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File Under Pop

At File Under Pop, I play a central role in their digital marketing and online presence. I manage advertising campaigns on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. These campaigns have not only increased the brand's visibility but also led to a significant increase in inquiries.

Furthermore, I have been involved in optimizing processes for their webshop. This has included setting up new shipping agreements and optimizing the current webshop to improve user experience and increase conversion rates.

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Snatam Kaur concert and advertisement

Snatam Kaur

I handled the Facebook advertising for a concert in Copenhagen featuring singer Snatam Kaur in May 2024. Jacob Kleberg, who organizes her concerts in Denmark, contacted me a month before the event, and a week later, our ads were running. I successfully targeted the right audience from the beginning, resulting in a high number of video views, likes, comments, shares of posts, and visits to the website.

This successful advertising campaign provided us with valuable data that we can strategically utilize to plan future marketing efforts and promotions. We can target everyone who interacted with either an ad or the website with new ads, such as an offer to join a VIP list for next year's concerts with Snatam Kaur.


I have designed and developed a new website for Coredesign in collaboration with Joris Borgers, who is certified in working with code on WIX websites. Our focus has been on creating a user-friendly, modern, and responsive platform that effectively showcases the company's services and products. Coredesign wanted additional APIs integrated into their product catalog and several custom features, which we implemented to meet their specific business needs.

Coredesign aimed to transition from WordPress to a more user-friendly platform where they could maintain most of their website themselves. WIX was a clear choice due to its ease of use, and we further built administrative pages tailored to their requirements. The new platform makes it easier for Coredesign to maintain and update their content, saving them both time and resources.


I have designed and developed a new website for the communication agency BrøchnerBøgeild in collaboration with graphic designer Marie Brodersen. BrøchnerBøgeild wanted a new website that was easy for them to maintain and aligned with their visual identity. With many brand colors in their visual identity, it was an exciting challenge to bring everything together while effectively conveying who BrøchnerBøgeild is today.

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